Crane Neck Association Annual Meeting

Crane Neck Association

Notice of Annual Membership Meeting

Dear Fellow Crane Neck Resident,

The spring/summer season is a very busy time of year in Crane Neck as nature begins to explode and we all are coming out of hibernation to enjoy varied outdoor activities and all that the Crane Neck community has to offer.

It is also the time of the Annual Membership Meeting of the Crane Neck Association, and this year’s meeting is scheduled for Saturday Morning, April 29th at 9 AM at the Keeper’s Cottage at the Old Field Lighthouse. All members of the Crane Neck Association are invited to attend to review the activities of the association for the past year and to provide input into the association’s plans for the coming year and beyond. This meeting is a good opportunity for members to reconnect with their neighbors after the past months of winter inactivity.

The CNA Board over the past year has continued to focus on its responsibilities in accordance with the bylaws of the association. The CNA has continued to maintain the roads of the community, maintain the Crane Neck Beach and promote the sense of neighborhood in the Crane Neck community. This is accomplished by a group of volunteer Board Members, and I am grateful for the service to the community they have provided during the past year. Two board members have fulfilled their commitments this year and will be leaving the board as of this annual meeting. Deepti Gupta has been indispensable in carrying out her duties as secretary of the Board and her position will be difficult to replace. As called for in the by laws of the association, I will also be “retiring” from the board and I again thank the board members for all the support they have provided.

The past year has been especially active for the association and the annual meeting is an opportunity for the board to discuss its initiatives with membership.

Among those important initiatives are:

1) Maintaining the roads of the community, keeping them safe from snow ice and debris. One of the major initiatives of the board has been the establishment of a proactive program to resurface the roads of the community, a program that necessitated the implementation of a special assessment to membership in the past year. The status of the annual membership dues and the possibility of an additional assessment will be discussed at the meeting..

2) Investigating a solution to the continued unauthorized use of the Crane Neck Beach, a situation that threatened the safety of membership who used the beach as well as the environment being overwhelmed by trash and debris from uninvited guests. The solution to this issue has previously been forwarded and will be discussed at the meeting.

3) Considering a proposal to revise the calculation of dues to be based partially upon assessed valuation of property rather than the flat rate procedure. This proposal has been previously forwarded by Treasurer James Mammen and is available on the association’s website and will be discussed at the meeting.

4) The annual beach cleanup, coordinated by Marisela Staller and Lise Sasson, is undertaken every year to get the beach ready for spring and summer enjoyment. A date and time for this years cleanup will be announced soon.

The board will welcome inclusion of additional agenda topics as time permits. In that regard, please forward to me any relevant topics for inclusion in the agenda.

Lastly, as mentioned above, two board members (Deepti and myself) are required to step down as board members per the bylaws of the association. In addition, a number of vacancies exist due to family relocations etc. and that creates the need for additional volunteer board members. I would request that you consider volunteering for these important positions. I assure you that participation will only take up a minimal amount of your personal time. If you can volunteer, I request that you provide your name to any of the current board members whose email addresses are provided at the bottom of this letter.

I hope to see you at the meeting on the 29th . Thanks to the Old Field Village Board, we have been able to secure the Cottage for our meeting, but I must advise that space there is limited so please be aware of this when making plans to attend.

Thank you again for your continued support of the community of Crane Neck and I look forward to seeing you on the 29th.

Very Truly Yours,

Thomas Dowd  – President

Deepti Gupta – Secretary

James Mammen – Treasurer 

Joseph Mitchell – Roads Commissioner

Marisela Staller – Beach Co Chairperson

Emil Moshkovich – Co Secretary and Webmaster

Lise Sasson – Beach Co Chairperson

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