Crane Neck Association Annual Meeting – May 2018

Crane Neck Association Annual Meeting

May 5, 2018

The meeting was held at Emma Clark Library and called to order at 9:40 am by CNA
board president Marisela Staller.
• Board members attending: Marisela Staller, James Mammen, Roberta Gordon, and
Lise Sasson.

• Membership attending: Veronica Groth, Karen Wexler, Thomas Dowd, Astrid Wimmer,
Roseanne Cole, Gina Titus, Barbara and Will Gray, Hayley Ogle, Rick Greenberg,
Brian Carmody, Richard Hamburg, Chris Smith, Annette and Arthur Grollman, Mary
Harrington, Lev Ginsburg, Tom Gulbransen, David Douglas, Christine D’Alessandro
others present but not signed in.

President’s Report – Marisela Staller

• Marisela reported the year in review. Shore Road was repaved. Potholes and road
maintenance was performed per usual.

• Dues were raised due to the increased maintenance required.

• Fishing pass requests were down due to the increase in fee. However the fisherman
who have been in good standing for many years were grandfathered in at rate of

• Landscaping contract will change this year to significantly decrease roadside
maintenance to twice per year (late Spring and late Fall), and flax pond flap
maintenance to once per month and on call during storms.

• Due to long overdue need, tree trimming was performed. Expense was approximately
$17,000. $2250 per day was paid over 7 days.

• Beach gate repair was required after a vehicle hit and run.

• Snow removal contract was awarded, again, to Aronica. They have done an
exceptional job.

Roads Report

Emil Moshkovich is Roads chair but was unavailable for meeting.

• The company All-Island paving was awarded contract again for road maintenance
(Pot hole repair) as well as repaving, and will begin in June. There are extensive
repairs to pot holes this year. Until the road is repaved, this condition will continue to
deteriorate and require more expensive patching.

• The re-pavement of road will take place from 3 Crane Neck Road to 12 Crane Neck

• This will cost the total of our budgeted amount of $75,000

• James noted that we have budgeted an extra $6,500 for the extensive pot holes.

• There was a general discussion regarding the possibility of the road berm needing
work vs the problem being the flap and drain into flax pond. There were 2 members
present who had vehicles totaled last year due to flooding of salt water on to Crane
Neck Road. The concern was raised, again, that when the road floods it becomes
impassible. The residents living beyond 28 Crane Neck Road may not be accessible by emergency vehicles when the road floods. This has been a problem for many
years, perhaps created by Superstorm Sandy. One resident suggested FEMA be
• The contract between Stony Brook University and Crane Neck Association to assist
with road repair and maintenance was deemed invalid by Stony Brook University.
Historically, the University had paid 1/3 of our maintenance costs. The board is
currently working with Stony Brook on new contract.

Beach Report – Lise Sasson
• Crane Neck Beach Party is scheduled for July 21, same time schedule as last year.
Invitations to follow in early July.

• Please see addendum 2 for Save the Date Card.

• Beach cleanup is scheduled May 26 from 10 am – 12 pm.

• We have 2 Girl Scout Troops from Stony Brook and East Setauket joining us.

• Signs will be made for clean up.

• Christine D’Alessandro spoke regarding the new flax pond walking path which is
currently under construction. The plans are for a newly (ADA approved) bridge and
walking path, including 5 parking spots and 2 hunter parking spots located at Marine
Lab. It was discussed that the DEC may be required to complete an environmental
impact statement. Please see addendum 3 – Flax Pond Revised Unit Management

• Regarding the ongoing deer/tick problem; Rebecca VanDerBogart and Haley Ogle are
working on a questionnaire to distribute to the community. They will collect data and
get back to us with findings.

• There have been several requests to gain permits for swimming and access to Crane
Neck Beach which, by unanimous agreement of the membership, will be denied.
New Business

• Roberta Gordon discussed the 501c3 status of the Crane Neck Association. We are in
need of legal advice to better clarify our tax situation and other matters.

• Cary Staller offered to draft a letter of dues responsibility to be sent to real estate
brokers upon closing of any real deeded property with rights to Crane Neck Beach.

• Astrid Wimmer informed the group that the pipes to the grate at the Flax Pond drain
flap have been fixed.

• Christine Smith offered to look into the requirements and costs of having a natural gas
line installed to the end of Crane Neck Road.

• Roberta Gordon made a motion to change terms of Crane Neck Association Board
members from 3 years to 5 years. Christine D’Alessandro – second. Vote was 13 yes,
1 no. Motion passed.

• Cary Staller made a motion for a $5,000 special assessment to repave all roads in
Crane Neck. Veronica Groth second. 3 Yes, 12 No. Motion denied. There was further
discussion about how to improve the roads.

• Rebecca VanDerBogart made a motion to elect Hayley Ogle and Christine
D’Alessandro and the re-elect Roberta Gordin, Emil Moshkovich, and Lise Sasson to
the board. Marisela Staller and James Mammen will continue in advisory positions.

Meeting adjourned 11:30 am.

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