Warning: Salt water flooding on Crane Neck Rd during very high tides

The trash screen that prevents the drain and valve on Crane Neck Road from functioning properly has been destroyed by recent storms.  This has resulted in debris fouling the pipe and valve allowing water from Flax Pond to flow unimpeded into Crane Neck Road during periods of very high tides.  Do not attempt to drive a sedan along the road when this occurs–your automobile will be destroyed by the salt water.  (This actually happened to a resident during the 1996 October Nor’easter!)

We must get permission from the DEC to reinstall the trash screen in the Pond, a process that may take some time.  We have alerted Steve Englebright to the problem and hope that this might expedite decision-making.  Meanwhile Tim Smith will gather the necessary materials to effect repairs.  (No landscaper will knowingly run afoul of the DEC.)

In the event of an emergency please contact a neighbor who has a high clearance vehicle.  In the interim fire and emergency service vehicles should be able to get through the water.

Thank you for your patience.

Your Crane Neck Board

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