Crane Neck Association News – Spring 2022     

The days are getting longer and warmer with every sunset and a sense of renewal surrounds us.

It’s a perfect time to share some news and updates!  Your Crane Neck Association Board of Directors has been working diligently to handle important matters on behalf of our community.  This newsletter will provide some highlights.

Meet the Crane Neck Board:

The Crane Neck Association Board is composed of Crane Neck residents who volunteer to keep our neighborhood running. As a Board, our biggest responsibility is to maintain the roads in Crane Neck. We also look after our local beach and arrange social gatherings.  We meet once a month and serve one-year terms.  There is a 5-year term limit, but after a one-year break, directors are eligible to serve again. If you are interested in joining the Board please contact us, we’d love to have you join our ranks! Check out our website:

Board of Directors

Cary Staller, President

Emil Moshkovich, Vice President

James Mammen, Treasurer

Suzanne Gulbransen, Secretary & Beach

Roads: Our 2021 paving project was successfully completed.  Two major sections of Crane Neck Road and the majority of Laurel Lane were paved. Additionally, several potholes were filled.  The roadsides along Crane Neck Road were mowed to keep vegetation from growing into the roadways.  Crane Neck Association also is responsible for plowing and salting our roads.

Trees & Branches: As you (or your landscaping/tree service team) do your spring clean-up, we ask that you survey and remove roadside trees/limbs that have fallen or are in poor shape or sloping on an angle towards the road.  High winds can take down large trees, blocking roads and causing personal injury and/or damage to passing cars. 

REMINDER: If you live on Holly Lane, Childs Lane, Woodcock Lane, Elvira’s Path, Shore Drive, or Laurel Lane, your property extends to the centerline of the road, and you are responsible for all roadside trees on your property. We ask that you clear at least 3 feet on the side of the road adjacent to your property to allow safer visibility for drivers and a place for pedestrians to step off the road.  Please be proactive to ensure the safety of all your friends and neighbors!  Also, note residents are responsible to clear 3 feet around fire hydrants when snow accumulates.

Drainage Pipe Gate Valve: The original drainage pipe was installed in the 1920s by Eversley Childs to allow rainwater to drain from Crane Neck Road into Flax Pond.  The pipe had a flapper valve to keep water from the pond from flowing into Crane Neck Road.  In the mid-1990s, Cary Staller obtained a permit for the pipe from the DEC and installed a new pipe, and reconstructed the berm.  A few years ago, with the permission of the DEC, we installed a gate valve on the roadside of the pipe to keep seawater from flowing into Crane Neck Road during severe storm events.  Opening and closing the gate valve during severe storms and extreme lunar high tides is a manual process that has been attended to by a small group of Crane Neck Board Members and residents.  Board member Emil Moshkovich developed a computer program to forecast when the gate valve needs to be closed.  We are looking for volunteers to sign-up to receive email notifications of upcoming events when the gate valve needs to be closed. The group of volunteers will rotate being “on-call” to handle the closing of the gate valve to help our community.  Please contact the Crane Neck Association email to sign-up to be part of this initiative.

Crane Neck Beach:  Our beautiful beach was cleaned up on October, 17 by twenty-six volunteers! Buckets and bags were supplied and all types of debris were collected and properly disposed of. 

SAVE THE DATE: Our next beach Clean-up will be on Saturday, May 14 at 11am – 2pm.

(Rain date: Sunday, May 15.)  All are welcome!

Crane Neck was the place to be on Halloween!

Professor Dumbledore, (aka our own Cary Staller), led 45 children and 30 parents through Crane Neck on Sunday, October 31.  The group walked through Crane Neck, stopping to get treats along the way. Special thank you to Christine & Ron D’Alessandro for the warm welcome at their home located midway through the trek on Childs Lane. Refreshments were generously offered on their lovely outside deck which was enjoyed by all!

Good News…Lenny was found!

New residents Jon and Lauren Bowen and their six children reached out for help to find their lost dog and our community responded! Their toy poodle “Lenny” got out of their home and was lost. Many people took part in the search and spread the word.  Signs were posted and social media engagement.  Lenny had quite the adventure making his way to Crane Neck Point and was reported: “watching the sunset” when he was finally safely found.

Who to call given various situations/issues:

Medical Emergency or Fire:  Call Setauket Fire/EMS at 631.941.4441. Please make sure your house number is prominently displayed.

Police Emergency help: Call 911

Village Code Enforcement Officers :

  • Non-emergencies call 631.941.9412.
  • If Officers are not on-duty, please leave a message. 
  • For more urgent matters call 631.514.4351 (Cell Phone) to contact an on-duty Officer who is on patrol.

Our Village of Old Field Code Enforcement Officers are responsible for handling Village operations and code compliance, for example removing nuisances, checking properties, and solving problems specific to our Village, such as site alteration, construction, parking, or other activities that require permits pursuant to the Village of Old Field regulatory code.  They are employed by the Village and are ready to support the quality of life we all enjoy in the Village.

Village of Old Field:  The Village Clerk and Treasurer are available Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 10am-3pm at 631.941.9412 for permit information, Village Meeting Schedule, etc.

The newly elected Village Board is Tom Pirro, Mayor; Tom Gulbransen, Deputy Mayor; Rebecca Van Der Bogart, Trustee; Bill Schaefer, Trustee; and Morgan Morrison, Trustee. If you need assistance after business hours, you can visit the Village website:

Specific questions to the Crane Neck Board of Directors:

Mark Your Calendars: Crane Neck Association Annual Meeting

When: Saturday, June 25, 2022

Where: Emma Clark Library Basement Community Room

Time: 9am -11am

Come see your neighbors (and meet the new ones) and get more updates and news. We look forward to seeing you all then!

2020 Annual Meeting Announcement

Dear members of the Crane Neck Association:

We hope you and your families all are well.

Many of us missed our beach party, Halloween festivities and numerous other get-togethers with our neighbors.  We are hopeful that we will be able to resume these activities in 2021.

As we noted in previous emails, we were unable to hold our Annual Meeting earlier in 2020.  However, the Crane Neck Association Board has been very active during the past year and a half and has accomplished quite a bit in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Crane Neck Association will be holding a virtual annual meeting via Zoom on Saturday, December 12th, from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. for all owners who are current with their dues.

If you would like to participate in the Zoom Annual Meeting on December 12th, please check your email for the announcement and reply to it. You can also contact any member of the CNA board for the invitation link.

Take care and stay healthy.

Crane Neck Association Board of Directors

2017 Board Letter to the Residents of Crane Neck.

October 2017

Dear Neighbor:

I hope you had a pleasant summer. I am writing on behalf of the Crane Neck Association (CNA) Board to update you on projects we have undertaken since the annual meeting.

First, we have installed a gate at Beach Path, paid for by volunteer residents, to restrict beach parking to members of the association in good standing. Residents have observed many cars turning around to exit Crane Neck Road upon realizing they could not park at the Beach Path lot. Consequently, the beach was quieter and cleaner this summer and less garbage built up in the parking area than in prior years.

The CNA beach picnic, sponsored by volunteers, was very successful and well attended. Residents ate, swam and caught up with neighbors.

The CNA paid to fully repave Shore Road in May. We hope to have sufficient funds to pave another road next year, after the collection of dues. In the interim, we plan to fill inseveral shallow trenches on the eroded sides of the roads with filter fabric and small rocks to allow the overflow of water to drain and prevent water from undermining the road, and we will repair potholes. We also will clean out drains that have filled with sand and debris, a costly but necessary procedure to keep the roads free from flooding.

After a few tree limbs fell on the road, and several residents expressed concerns about the threat of dead limbs falling on the road, we undertook a long overdue project to prune dead branches and trees that hovered over Crane Neck Road and were a danger to passing cars, bikers and pedestrians. We worked with the pruning crew for six days. While the cost of this project was not in the budget, with the upcoming winter, the board unanimously decided it was an important preventive measure to take. To prioritize what is most needed, such as this pruning project, we will cut back on trimming and mowing the sides of roads to 3 or 4 times per year.

With the winter close at hand, we have a budget for snow plowing since neither the Town nor the Village provide this service to us, and the Association must do so from the dues it collects from its members. The CNA also pays for insurance and other costs associated with maintaining the property owned by the CNA.

Please do not contact your personal landscaper or vendor to work on the road or the sides of the road without prior approval from a Crane Neck board member. If you do so, you will be responsible for payment for the work.

The dues you pay to the CNA are for the mutual benefit of our residents. All residents owe it to their neighbors to live up to this obligation.  Note that several families have not paid this year. Those who do not pay are subject to the 10% interest charge, which will be added to next year’s bill.  To those families who have failed to pay their dues, including any assessments necessary to maintain our property, please contribute your share.

Finally, the association board is composed of unpaid volunteers who live in the community. We have representatives from Holly Lane, Crane Neck Road, Woodcock Lane and Child’s Lane. We currently are down to five members and two will be stepping down in April at the end of their three-year term. If you are interested in joining the board, please let us know. We encourage all families to volunteer for the board, and we would particularly welcome members from Mount Gray Road, Shore Road or Laurel Lane as we have none on the board at present.

If you have ideas, questions or concerns, please email one or more members of the board at the address provided on the Crane Neck website.

We wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season.

Sincerely for the Crane Neck Association Board,

Marisela H Staller

Minutes of the Crane Neck annual meeting, April 6th 2013

The Crane Neck Association
Annual Meeting
Saturday, April 6, 2013

Meeting Location:  Emma S. Clark Library
Board Members Present:  Hasty Habicht, Gina Titus, Anna McDuff, Renee LaSala
Board Members Absent: Brian Carmody, John Kaiser, Mary Harrington, Stacey Paci
Hasty Habicht, the President of the Association called the meeting to order at 9:55 AM.
Approval of the 2012 Annual Meeting Minutes.

Opening Remarks:

Hasty gave his opening remarks and welcomed all of the residents in attendance.
The minutes from last year’s annual meeting were distributed and a motion was made to approve them.  The Association approved the minutes.  Resident Hakim Elarhi added a request that the wild turkeys in the area not be killed.
It was noted that thanks to Anna McDuff, the Crane Neck Association (CNA) not has a website:
Hasty asked each board member to present their reports and then we would open the floor to questions and discussion.

Ways & Means Report:

Renee LaSala reported that the weather didn’t help our social lives this year. Our beach party was cancelled due to inclement weather, but thanks to the Habicht’s hospitality we had a lovely fall cocktail party just before Hurricane Sandy hit our shores. Similarly after snowstorm Nemo wiped out our progressive dinner The Pacis kindly hosted a fun cocktail party. Thanks were given to the Habichts and the Pacis. Dusa McDuff gave thanks to Renee LaSala.

Beach Report:

Anna McDuff reported that beach passes are available for members who have paid their dues. The annual beach clean-up at Crane Neck Beach will take place on Saturday May 4th from 10AM to 12 noon. Applications for fishing passes have been sent to 30 fishermen, these cost $75 each with an additional $10 processing fee for people who do not attend the beach clean-up. It was noted that two fishermen who have fished at the beach for forty or more years and have shown themselves to be good stewards are offered a reduced senior rate of $50. 

Christine Smith asked if deteriorated asphalt near the entrance to beach path could be placed in the dumpster obtained for the beach clean-up. It was decided that this would be attempted. Smith also questioned whether previous holders of fishing passes should be sent applications for the new year’s passes. It was decided that they should. It was also decided that a list of fishermen and their license plates should be given to the Old Field constable. Astrid Wimmer asked if a record is kept of who sponsors each fisherman and the meeting was shown the fishing pass application form which asks for each fisherman’s name, address, phone number, sponsor, license plate number and state. It was also noted that each pass is numbered and a record is kept of which pass number is distributed to which fisherman. 

Hakim Elarhi raised the issue of loud and destructive parties held on the beach late at night. Christine D’Alessandro raised the issue of fishermen without permits who are dropped off and picked up in vans. In both cases it was suggested that the Old Field constable be called. Gina Titus suggested that no trespassing notices be placed to make it clear that land to the left of the beach entrance is privately owned.

Roads Report:

Hasty Habicht noted that 98% of our budget goes towards the repair and maintenance of our 3.1 miles of road. This was the first year that Crane Neck has been responsible for plowing its own roads and though we hoped for a mild winter Superstorm Nemo dropped two and a half feet of snow on our roads overnight and our contractor Aronica was praised for doing a good and responsive job of plowing. 

In addition, Pellegrino Paving patched and repaired potholes along the roads, the east leg of Holly Lane was repaired and paved, late spring and fall trimming was done along the roads in addition to post Hurricane Sandy clean up, and valves and drains were cleared by Flax Pond. It was noted that the long leg of Shore Drive is in bad shape and will require work and that attempts are underway to get DEC clearance to repair the Flax Pond trash screen. 

Christine D’Alessandro reported that trees were leaning over the road from the recent snow. Will Gray reported that the recent repairs to parts of Holly Lane has led to speeding on that section of the road placing residents in danger. The question of whether stop signs or speed bumps are needed on Holly Lane was discussed with Hasty Habicht noting that speed bumps are illegal in NYS.

Christine Smith noted that the hill at the bottom of Crane Neck Road has both a blind curve and a blind hill with no room for cars to pull over to the side. The drain on that section of the road has sunk and in inclement weather the road is impassable in front of 58 Crane Neck Rd.  It was noted that the Mitchell family kindly paid to clean out the drain and has improved conditions, but that what the drain really needs is a ring placed on top of it to raise it and make it less likely to flood in future. Christine Smith noted that there used to be room to turn around in front of the Smokovich residence, but now there is not and that the Smokovich “driveway” is actually part of Crane Neck Road. It was agreed that Gina Titus would discuss this matter with the Smokoviches. Al Tisch and Hakim Elarhi noted the damage caused to the roads by heavy duty trucks and landscape trucks. Al Tisch noted that the village constables are not enforcing the ban on landscape trucks parking on the side of the road.

Environmental Report:

Hasty Habicht reported that the Association was charged $100 by the Village of Old Field for the removal of a dead deer from Crane Neck Road. 

Christine Smith reported a discussion she had with the DEC about our resident wild turkeys. Wild turkeys have the right to stay in Crane Neck and it is illegal to move them without the aid of a ranger. Gina Titus suggested that feeding wild turkeys should not be encouraged in Crane Neck in order to encourage the birds to seek out a natural diet of foraged wild food. Eckard Wimmer asked who had been attacked by wild turkeys in the past year, Al Tisch reported several attacks on his person during the summer of 2012. 

Hasty Habicht reported that on the matter of chickens, domestic turkeys and pigs, Old Field is zoned for agriculture so keeping chickens and domestic turkeys is legal but that keeping swine is banned within the town of Brookhaven.
Christine Smith reported that several residents have planted bamboo on their properties even though it is illegal to plant bamboo in the town of Brookhaven. Christine D’Alessandro suggested that she contact the town of Brookhaven about this matter and that residents should be sent a letter about keeping their own trees and bamboo under control.

Treasurer’s Report:

Gina Titus reported that all bills have been paid, and that a combination of the need to plow roads and repair roads has led to very high expenditure this year. If we keep dues at the same level we will need to be conservative in future spending. A second notice will be sent to all people who have not yet paid their dues for the current year. There are sixteen families who have back balances of unpaid dues from previous years, six of these families are in talks to fix the situation and ten are not. It was stressed that these families will be reached out to in a spirit of friendship and cooperation and pointed out to them that 98% of the dues pay for road maintenance. It was also reported that investigations are underway with a legal adviser to write language for our bylaws that reflect the change in Crane Neck Association from a social organization to a road maintenance organization. One possibility would be to issue each member in good standing with an insurance certificate covering them for liability on the Crane Neck Association’s property. 

Eckard Wimmer applauded Gina Titus’s hard work.

General Discussion:

Hasty Habicht thanked the 2011 president Eckard Wimmer for leaving the board in good financial shape to deal with the additional expense of snow removal. It was pointed out that the dues are comprised of two parts: a flat fee that everyone pays and an additional fee paid on a sliding scale by the owners of especially valuable properties, because larger properties occasion more wear and tear on the roads. Similarly it was pointed out that owners of undeveloped properties pay dues on their unoccupied land because the future development of that land will occasion a lot of wear and tear on the roads. It was reported that there are plots of land in Crane Neck that are undevelopable and unsaleable and it was agreed that the owners of these properties would pay a reduced sum of dues, $200 per year. 

The question of how to deal with those eligible for membership who are not currently paying dues  was debated. Hasty Habicht reported that it is the intention of the board to place letters in resident’s files at the Village Hall saying that the household is not a member in good standing of Crane Neck Association and therefore does not have access rights to Crane Neck Beach until the debt has been repaid. A further sanction might be to withhold insurance certificates for liability on Crane Neck’s roads. Spirited discussion ensued. Rick Gordon proposed a partial amnesty for non payers, suggesting that conciliation is the better approach. Hasty Habicht noted that after a decade of attempted amnesty there is a question of where to draw the line. Hakim Elarhi noted that amnesties can create new opportunities for individuals to not pay dues, and Roberta Gordon summed things up by saying that fairness is hard to achieve but that everyone should pay dues unless they are in need. 

It was agreed that the dues schedule for 2013-2014 will remain the same as the previous year and that Christine D’Alessandro will form a subcommittee to further investigate the dues.

Eckard Wimmer noted that the berm on Crane Neck Road is is a bad way and one more storm could lead to catastrophic flooding.  Hasty Habicht suggested that since the berm was damaged in Hurricane Sandy it might be possible to get FEMA money to repair it and it was agreed that the board will look into this.

Nominations and Elections for the 2013-2014 Nominating Committee:

No members are leaving the board this year. The slate of new board members for 2013-2014 is Pele Damianos and Astrid Wimmer.

The slate was duly elected. 

The new nominating committee is Eckard Wimmer and Roberta Gordon.

Hasty Habicht made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 12:30 PM.  The motion was accepted.

Flooding on Crane Neck Road

The Crane Neck Board is pleased to announce that the trash screen in Flax Pond has been replaced and heightened.  The screen prevents the fouling of the drain pipe that runs through the berm.  This should end most of the high water flooding of Crane Neck Road that have plagued residents since we were hit by superstorm Sandy.

Please note once more that virtually all (98%) of your dues are used to maintain our roads.  This was just another such cost along with paving, snow plowing, drainage improvements, mowing and tree trimming.

Thanks for your patience!

Warning: Salt water flooding on Crane Neck Rd during very high tides

The trash screen that prevents the drain and valve on Crane Neck Road from functioning properly has been destroyed by recent storms.  This has resulted in debris fouling the pipe and valve allowing water from Flax Pond to flow unimpeded into Crane Neck Road during periods of very high tides.  Do not attempt to drive a sedan along the road when this occurs–your automobile will be destroyed by the salt water.  (This actually happened to a resident during the 1996 October Nor’easter!)

We must get permission from the DEC to reinstall the trash screen in the Pond, a process that may take some time.  We have alerted Steve Englebright to the problem and hope that this might expedite decision-making.  Meanwhile Tim Smith will gather the necessary materials to effect repairs.  (No landscaper will knowingly run afoul of the DEC.)

In the event of an emergency please contact a neighbor who has a high clearance vehicle.  In the interim fire and emergency service vehicles should be able to get through the water.

Thank you for your patience.

Your Crane Neck Board