2017 Board Letter to the Residents of Crane Neck.

October 2017

Dear Neighbor:

I hope you had a pleasant summer. I am writing on behalf of the Crane Neck Association (CNA) Board to update you on projects we have undertaken since the annual meeting.

First, we have installed a gate at Beach Path, paid for by volunteer residents, to restrict beach parking to members of the association in good standing. Residents have observed many cars turning around to exit Crane Neck Road upon realizing they could not park at the Beach Path lot. Consequently, the beach was quieter and cleaner this summer and less garbage built up in the parking area than in prior years.

The CNA beach picnic, sponsored by volunteers, was very successful and well attended. Residents ate, swam and caught up with neighbors.

The CNA paid to fully repave Shore Road in May. We hope to have sufficient funds to pave another road next year, after the collection of dues. In the interim, we plan to fill inseveral shallow trenches on the eroded sides of the roads with filter fabric and small rocks to allow the overflow of water to drain and prevent water from undermining the road, and we will repair potholes. We also will clean out drains that have filled with sand and debris, a costly but necessary procedure to keep the roads free from flooding.

After a few tree limbs fell on the road, and several residents expressed concerns about the threat of dead limbs falling on the road, we undertook a long overdue project to prune dead branches and trees that hovered over Crane Neck Road and were a danger to passing cars, bikers and pedestrians. We worked with the pruning crew for six days. While the cost of this project was not in the budget, with the upcoming winter, the board unanimously decided it was an important preventive measure to take. To prioritize what is most needed, such as this pruning project, we will cut back on trimming and mowing the sides of roads to 3 or 4 times per year.

With the winter close at hand, we have a budget for snow plowing since neither the Town nor the Village provide this service to us, and the Association must do so from the dues it collects from its members. The CNA also pays for insurance and other costs associated with maintaining the property owned by the CNA.

Please do not contact your personal landscaper or vendor to work on the road or the sides of the road without prior approval from a Crane Neck board member. If you do so, you will be responsible for payment for the work.

The dues you pay to the CNA are for the mutual benefit of our residents. All residents owe it to their neighbors to live up to this obligation.  Note that several families have not paid this year. Those who do not pay are subject to the 10% interest charge, which will be added to next year’s bill.  To those families who have failed to pay their dues, including any assessments necessary to maintain our property, please contribute your share.

Finally, the association board is composed of unpaid volunteers who live in the community. We have representatives from Holly Lane, Crane Neck Road, Woodcock Lane and Child’s Lane. We currently are down to five members and two will be stepping down in April at the end of their three-year term. If you are interested in joining the board, please let us know. We encourage all families to volunteer for the board, and we would particularly welcome members from Mount Gray Road, Shore Road or Laurel Lane as we have none on the board at present.

If you have ideas, questions or concerns, please email one or more members of the board at the address provided on the Crane Neck website.

We wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season.

Sincerely for the Crane Neck Association Board,

Marisela H Staller

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