Crane Neck Beach Automated Gate

Dear Crane Neck Resident,

For some time now the Crane Neck Association board has been receiving complaints from the membership in regards to our beach. These complaints include:

  • illegal garbage dumping at the beach parking lot
  • cars being parked without a permit
  • cars being parked after sunset
  • general safety concerns associated with the prior items

The board has considered multiple solutions to the above problems. Solutions such as installing cameras and/or asking for more frequent patrols and more stringent enforcement by the Old Field constabulary. While the cameras would be a good solution, they would not stop people from parking without a permit or parking after hours. Also, the Old Field constabulary informed the board that their officers cannot write tickets or enforce the parking by permit rules at the Crane Neck beach.

After considering various possibilities, the board has settled upon an automated beach gate, at the entrance to the Crane Neck beach, as the best option. Since the Crane Neck Association is already under financial strain due to road maintenance, which is our primary concern, it was decided to finance the gate through private, voluntary donations. Please contact the board if you are interested in contributing to this project. Members in good standing will be issued two cards that will open the gate for their vehicles. Foot and bicycle traffic will not be obstructed by the gate. The gate will have a battery backup and will open upon complete loss of electric power. We plan to have the gate installed and operational at the earliest, subject to availability of funds.


The Board of the Crane Neck Association