2016 Crane Neck Beach Party


Crane Neck Beach Party

Come, Share a Fun Afternoon with Your Neighbors!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

4:00 PM

$10 per person (children are free!)

Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Beverages Provided

A-N – Please bring a side dish

O-Z – Please bring a dessert

R.S.V.P. to Lise Sasson by August 15

Please complete the bottom portion of this invitation and return with payment (check to Crane Neck Assoc.) to:

7 Woodcock Lane

(drop off envelope at mail box)

Crane Neck Beach Party Invitation

We will be there!

Hosted by the Crane Neck Association



Letter to Crane Neck Residents – Roads Assessment

Dear Fellow Crane Neck Resident,

I hope you are enjoying the summer and are taking advantage of the weather to partake in all that the Crane Neck community has to offer.

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the status of CNA’s road project and Special Assessment and to again ask for your input on this important issue that affects the entire community.

As those of you who attended the CNA annual meeting know, the maintenance and safety of the community’s roads is the Association’s primary responsibility As reported at the annual meeting, as well as the subsequent special meeting held on June 9th, the roads are currently in a state of disrepair that requires some immediate action as well as a plan to proactively maintain the roads going forward.

The annual financial operations of the Association were reviewed at the annual meeting. The annual dues of the association are sufficient to pay for the general maintenance of the community roads, including snow removal and pothole repair but insufficient to perform any meaningful repairs and resurfacing to the roads. At the annual meeting, the need for a special assessment was discussed, and the group as a whole agreed that a special assessment to deal with the most pressing of the road repairs and resurfacings to those roads in the most severe state would be appropriate.

At a follow up meeting on June 9th, the board discussed with the CNA membership the possible remedies for the road maintenance issue and recommended a programmatic approach where a number of immediate projects would be undertaken, funded by a special assessment, and the ongoing dues would be adjusted to a level that would fund a program of regularly scheduled resurfacing of the Association’s roads in future years. The current immediate projects to be undertaken would be Shore Drive (both branches) and the section of Crane Neck Road by the entrance to the community. This phase would begin in the fall. A second phase would include Woodcock Lane and a second section of Crane Neck Road, potentially in the following 12 months.

The board feels that this programmatic approach is in the best interests of all the residents of Crane Neck as it will be a significant step in providing safe roads for the community now and in the future.

A number of other points the board has considered:

  • We have met with representatives of Stony Brook University concerning their participation in funding these projects and, while we are confident that they will participate, we have not yet finalized that commitment.
  • The use of oil and stone on the roads was suggested at the June 9th meeting and we have consulted with professionals on this issue.   We have found there is not a significant price differential between asphalt and O&S and asphalt has greater durability. It would potentially have to be redone every three- five years. For these reasons we have not considered that alternative further.
  • Based on the anticipated resources available from this current as well as future assessments, as well as the future increase in annual dues, the board has established the following prioritization of projects (Priority 1 will be undertaken this year and priority 2 will begin in 12-24 months)
  • Shore Drive (both sections)
  • The portion of Crane Neck Road closest to Mt Grey.
  • Woodcock (after the construction projects of lots on this road are completed)
  • The completion of Crane Neck Road and other side roads.

4) We will be continuing pothole repair where needed on roads during the process.

As a result of these prioritizations the Board sees has decided:

  • To implement a current special assessment of $1,000 per member in order to fund the immediate projects. (An invoice in that amount is enclosed)
  • Annual membership dues will increase to $1,100 per member as of the next fiscal year.
  • There will potentially be a need for another special assessment in each of the next two fiscal years to continue the next phases of the project. These assessments will be considered in the future, but it is likely that there will be further assessments of $500 per annum in each of the next two years.
  • The board has considered undertaking the entire project during the next twelve months and requesting one assessment, but decided it was not feasible to undertake the entire project at once and the amount of the assessment would be substantial. For these reasons that option was not considered further.

The decision on the assessment and the increase in annual dues was made only after extensive consideration and the increase is considered very necessary to insure the continued safety in using the road system.   That being said the Board would once again appreciate the input of the membership on any aspect of the plan, particularly the order of priorities noted above. You can forward your questions and concerns to any member of the board and they will be circulated to the full Board.   My email, as well as that of Joe Mitchell, Roads Chairman, is at the bottom of this email.

An invoice for the special assessment is attached. The board would appreciate your payment of this invoice in order that the association can embark upon the first phase of this important project.

Very truly yours,

Thomas P Dowd, President CNA     Marishof@aol.com

Joseph Mitchell, Chairman Roads Committee Joeandcindy2@verizon.net